Barcelona: How can I forget?


During half term the U15 X1 hockey and tennis team players went on a trip to Barcelona with Helen, Graeme and Peter. We all enjoyed a very good opportunity to experience working with other amazing coaches that inspired us all to strive for greatness. We played against national and club level teams learning a lot from them, and used their tactics to improve our own game, as they had very different ways of playing. We learnt a lot of different skills that we had never accomplished before, for instance, a back-hand hit in tennis. Because of this fantastic experience, we feel like we have improved, not just as individuals but as a team. A special ‘thank you’ to Peter for stepping in at the last minute while Kevin was on paternity leave, and thank you to Helen and Graeme for taking us.

By Hannah Mazas, Block 4

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During half term a group of the senior tennis team hit Barcelona. The five days consisted of at least two two-hour training sessions alongside a gym and stretching session. The days then ended with a rewarding sit in the sauna. During the tour we played two matches against Spanish opposition which Bedales won comfortably. The most notable match featured Oscar Goldblatt who saved eight match points before eventually winning 7-6.

By Maud Bonham Carter, 6.1