Bedales compete in Latin and Greek Reading Competition

By Christopher Grocock, Head of Classics

Bedales once again sent a select set of competitors to the annual Southampton Classical Association’s Latin and Greek Reading Competition on 1 March at Portsmouth Grammar School (PGS), where our students found themselves pitted against entrants from Winchester, PGS, Pilgrims and Southampton Grammar School.

Alastair Harden and I spent time drumming up interest and rehearsing them – I used chocolate biscuits as an incentive in Monday afternoon breaks! Our entry was whittled down through illnesses (and the same had happened to other schools, as we found when we arrived), but undaunted, we set off at 4pm in our trusty minibus, hoping that nerves would not impede us and we would all do our best.

Ben Bradberry, Rhiannon Griffiths, Athena Lucas, Annabelle Snell and Eben MacDonald performed brilliantly in their Beginners’ Greek round and all won gold medals. Athena said afterwards that all their practice had paid off. Annabelle’s comment (“thanks Rhiannon, for the carry”) does just a little justice to the performance she put in as Charon – boat, beard and all! Ben summed up their performance: “It was great to beat the Winchester Scholars”. Too right it was!

Two students from Dunhurst – Abigail O’Donoghue and Juliet Solomon-Solymar – also competed in the Junior Latin section. Both tried hard, and in a competitive field, Juliet did well to win a bronze medal. We should aim to enter more next year, and repeat the success.