Chess champions

Chess 1A team of four Bedales students: Noah Clarke Hall, Lucas Closs, Aubrey Eborn and Norpell Wilberforce, took part in the regional round of the ECF TeamChess Challenge at Eton College on Thursday 17 March.  The team played well against some strong competition, coming third to Winchester College and Eton College.  With just 10 minutes each on the clock, this resulted in some pressurised play.  Norpell demonstrated good composure winning two of his four matches, while Noah – in his three victories – pulled off an exciting win against a strong top board opponent from Eton. 

Aubrey Eborn and Noah Clarke are also joint winners in the first stage of the Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge, the largest chess tournament in the world, which means they are well placed for the regional final to be held in Basingstoke in May. Also automatically qualified for the final are other players: Amy Lock, Becky Grubb, Patrick Newlands, Ruben Brooke and Mia South. The tournament begins every Spring Term, and continues over four stages and eight months. In the first stage children compete week by week in schools all over the UK and Bedales is one of over 2,000 schools taking part.