Indian adventures…

India trip 1

This year’s India visit was rich with exciting opportunities, incredible people, and spectacular views.

After an approximate 25 hour journey we arrived at the Hanifl Centre in Mussoorie, attached to the Woodstock School. From there we hiked through the Chukkar, the Jabarkhet Nature Reserve and the Bob Fleming Nature Trail. The Jabarkhet reserve was beautiful with prayer flags draped through the trees, dancing in the breeze, and during the Bob Fleming trail we were lucky enough to see several monkeys.

India 3.jpgThe trek lasted three days and we covered a lot of ground, occasionally, when we were high enough, we even caught glimpses of the snow-capped mountains. It was lovely, filled with amazing views and expert guides to accompany us and tell us about the mountains.

Woodstock is an incredible school, catering for students up to Grade 12 (Year 13/6.2), they study both IGCSE and AP (advanced placement) and the school is spread over a large campus, causing students to walk a great distance every day!

On the Friday we visited the small village in the mountains called Sainji, home to Garhwal English Medium School (GEMS). A Canadian woman visiting the village a few years ago fell in love with a villager and decided to stay – she then set up a school to offer children in the village an affordable education. The children at GEMS were very energetic and excited to meet us, keen and eager to play cricket and other games.

Finally, we visited New Delhi where we experienced a bazar, we also visited Humayun’s Tomb where 250 people are buried and is said to have inspired the Taj Mahal. The next day we travelled to see the Taj Mahal and its spectacular optical illusions.

Overall, the trip was a once in a lifetime experience and I believe we are all eager to go back soon.

By Izzy Edgeworth, Block 5