Feeling the itch to Stitch!

Jazz Domino Holly, Bedalian and daughter of the late punk legend Joe Strummer who was the Clash frontman has revealed another aspect of her creativity by writing a book.

It’s not about punk rock or being a rebel but, rather surprisingly, about crafting and knitting. Since her father died suddenly in 2002 at just 50, Jazz, 27, has turned to the straight and narrow along with her sister Lola, 25.

Bedales School

Her punk father and her education at Bedales School in Petersfield taught her the importance of individuality and creativity. She went onto to study further at the London School of Fashion and for an English degree whilst continuing to do crafting as a hobby.

She ran a cake club called Diva Cakes and became a founder member of Shoreditch Sisters the UK’s hippest chapter of the Women’s institute specifically for younger women.

As membership thrived with hundreds turning up each week Jazz decided to put together her modern women’s crafting bible containing all her crafting, cooking and gardening ideas.

In addition to being a crafter, author and monthly craft column writer for Company magazine Jazz is on the board of trustees for Strummerville, a charity set up in her dad’s memory, which gives support to aspiring musicians and music projects in developing countries.

Queen Of Crafts, by Jazz Domino Holly, is published by Fig Tree Books, priced £16.99.

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